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Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten

We dispose ourselves into the humility of our vocation,
to have a clear perspective on how our particular actions
might best be put at the service of a greater good,
especially for the welfare of every child under our care.



Pre – Elementary Education recognizes each child as an individual with his/ her own pattern of growth and development. The curriculum, therefore, provides a rich and stimulating experience which enables him/ her to acquire the maximum educational foundation and formation. It gives due consideration to the child’s habits, abilities, values and attitudes for his/ her development into a lovable, happy, growing, and useful and a Christian Child of God

Christ the King College Kindergarten objectives are specially drawn with Christian responsibilities as a Filipino child. A child who has attended the Kindergarten of Christ the King College should be able to:

  • show awareness and belief in the presence of God as a loving Father;
  • associates with the wider social circle of the school and expanding world around him/ her;
  • manifest the basic discipline of formal schooling;
  • show habits and share experiences which will help him/ her learn the skills; and
  • exhibit physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual growth.