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Office of the Registrar

The Registrar’s Office is created to provide a service of communication and records to students, alumni and other clients who come to request for information, scholastic records and other pertinent papers for reference and other purposes. Specifically it intends to:

1. The office provides services related to students’ enrollment, graduation, promotion, and alumni’s records and other papers, such as

  • Attends to the needs of the clients of the office.
  • Prepares reports on students’ enrolment, graduation, promotion, and alumnae’s records and other papers.
  • Sends requests for records of transferees, keeping a record of the request and the date received.

2. Comply with the request for scholastic records and other papers for reference and other purposes.

  • Issues clearance slips for scholastic records and other papers for transfer, reference and other purposes when   requested.
  • Prepares scholastic records and other papers after the clients are cleared from financial and other obligations in the school.

3. Prepare and submit on time all reports required by the Department of   Education, Commission on Higher Education,   and other agency on the prescribed forms.

4. Accomplish the following reports:

  • Enrollment Lists
  • Quarterly reports and Statistics Report on Promotions, Graduates, Drop-outs and Failures
  • Year-End Statistical Reports.
  • Other reports required by other agency.

5. Safeguard the secrecy of all records and materials found and processed in the office.