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Admissions and Aid

Our ministry is centered on the purpose of transformation.

Our graduates are strongly oriented towards intellectual growth

with spiritual depth. We do this mission of preparedness by involving ourselves

caringly into the lives of our students, giving them hope, keeping their

dreams alive and gently instructing them in the ways of progress and prayer.


Joining our school means opening yourself to boundless opportunities of learning and growth. Our commitment is to ensure we accommodate everyone who desire to be part of the CKC family and therefore embrace its values, ideals, vision and mission.

During your stay with us, you will be exposed to a variety of experiences designed to mold you into the ideal transformed person–leader of church and society.

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A CKC education is one that transforms persons into responsible leaders of the Church and society.

Our endeavor is to produce graduates who possess a set of skills that no change in technology or business processes can make obsolete. We do this by immersing them in a strong foundation of communication, liberal arts and sciences in our core curriculum. We focus on a kind of proficiency that allows them to think on their feet, analyze and synthesize information, make sound decisions that clearly articulate faith, excellence and service.


Learned in the global context. They are cognizant about developments around the world and in contact with practices that universally promote justice and peace. They are exposed to a range of creative expressions, and to the study of business, human resource development, social work, applied sciences and technology. They possess the ability to communicate in a global context.

Competently trained. They are finely honed with lifelong learning skills and they possess a robust competitive edge as leaders and agents of change in their areas of specialization and expertise.

Advocates the scientific method. They pursue the truth, have deep respect for facts and a preference toward exploration of alternative viewpoints via research. They are able to integrate the values brought by progress and technology with a Christian, ethical compass.

Awake to patriotism. They are passionate about loving the country, having studied history and significant societal events that have shaped our institutions and processes. They champion the cause for honest governance and equitable reform.

Strongly oriented to love the poor. They have a firmly grounded preference and compassion for the poor. Their actions and priorities are in union with the Christian faith; they are responsive to the call to strengthen the whole community by assisting those who are most vulnerable. They become a leaven in the renewal of the Church and of society.