BSCRIM Purple Jaguars Stunned BSA Chimera Maroon


The BSCRIM Purple Jaguars stunned the BSA Chimera Maroon, 25-22, 25-20 to take the top spot on the Bracket A of Volleyball Game of Christ the King College Intramurals 2018. The game happened last September 20, 2018 at around 10:0’clock in the morning. The intense heat of the sun made the game’s atmosphere more exciting as spectators who gathered to witness the game were treated with an exciting clash between the two rival teams.

On the first set of the game, each team tried to outsmart each other by varying their offense but the Purple Jaguars managed to escape the threatening Chimera Maroons with Bejev and Benign Baguiz combining for 10 attacks and 3 blocks. The motivated Chimera Maroons however, successfully tied the 1st set, 20-20 coming from 4 opponent’s error, 2 blocks and a couple of easy tip from John Den-awan. But the Purple Jaguars showed that they want the game more as they close the set 25-22.

Coming on the second set, the momentum was on the Purple Jaguars as their freshmen, Niel Llanes and Jimmy Andoy combined for 12 attacks and 2 services aces to give the Jaguars and early lead 16-10.  But the high-spirited Chimera Maroons managed to close up with the lead as they created a 5-2 run of their own. But the relentless Purple Jaguars won’t allow the Chimera Maroons to extend the set as they cool down the ravishing attacks of the Maroons with a couple of blocks and services aces, closing the set, 25-22.

The victory gave the Jaguars the top spot on Bracket A. Despite their lose, the Maroons will still move to the next level of the game as both the Jaguars and they will face the top two teams coming from the Bracket B.

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