Midwifery exam topnotcher to Alma Mater: The school deserves a top 1


Gingoog City | Philippines

“I believe that I will not be where I am without the school’s help…
So I also owe this to the school…
The school deserves a top 1.”

These are tfthe exact words of gratitude uttered by the topnotcher of the latest Midwifery Licensure Examination, Marilou J. Montefalcon, RM to Kings news team through an interview a few days after she bagged the top spot in the said examination.

Marilou is the eleventh among twelve siblings and the daughter of Mr. Mamerto C. Montefalcon and Mrs. Leonides Jumalon-Montefalcon.

She spent her childhood as what a typical kid would do in an urban barangay in Gingoog City, where she also finished her elementary years in a nearby primary school. Growing up, she never had dreamed to be a nurse, much more a midwife as she was more inclined to numbers and math.

So, in her pursuit of higher education, she went to a known university in the province of Bukidnon and took up BS in Agriculture in her first year, but soon enough followed her heart and shifted Agricultural Engineering to engage herself more on numbers. But she was not fixated enough to pursue the course and shifted again to Civil Engineering, which after a semester she also terminated because of health reasons.ftt

Supposedly, she was advised to rest for about a year to recover from her illness but a close friend convinced her to enroll in the Nursing Program of Christ the King College, who is also a nursing student in CKC by that time.

As she was there, she was confronted again by another challenge as she was advised to enroll Midwifery instead of Nursing because it was the time there are already hundreds of unemployed nurses in the Philippines resulting to a very small number of enrollees in the nursing program during that year.

After all the challenges she faced, she was indeed guided by the Almighty to where she really belongs, for her to start building her future. After years of study in CKC, She finally took her Midwifery Licensure Examination on the April 17-18, 2016 and it is where history started to unfold.

In her final statements addressed to all CKCians and students having the same experience as her, she said.

“Believe in yourself, don’t let your doubts and fears pull you down. Have peace in your heart and always pray. Ask for God’s guidance because he never fails. Enjoy life and don’t take it too seriously…Breath in and breath out.”

Truly, Marilou inspired a lot of students in provinces, that it is not really about the popularity of the school you are in but it depends heavily on your determination to succeed and the trust you put into the Lord in guiding you in everything that you do.

To reward her on the prestige and honor she brought to Christ the King College, the topnotcher was awarded with a full refund of all the expenses she incurred during her stay in the institution. As much as she deserved to be rewarded, she also rewarded the school through her words of gratitude and by saying:

“The school deserves a top 1”.