Pakighimamat 2014 Kicks off


Unmasking the true blooded CKCians through social unity” was the timely theme as Christ the King College kicks off its annual Pakighimamat, last August 1, 2014 at Mother Ignacia Gymnasium.

The remarkable evening was made more glamorous as CKCians outshined by their Masquerade attire. The relevance of this event is to show other people the real you without masking or sugarcoating yourself into someone that you’re not because beyond the mask that they are wearing is the reality that they are facing.

Before thepakighimamat program proper, Holy Eucharistic Mass had been offered then followed by a short talk regarding Social Graces facilitated by Mrs. Vhanna B. Atienza. This short seminar aimed to hone respect by possessing proper etiquettes. It greatly contributes to the development of every CKCians to become better, if not, the best that they can be.

Prior to dinner was a contest for the Lady and Lad of the night where one male and female representative from each program. They were asked by a question “What are social graces for you?” which by then won by the accountancy program representatives.

Afterwards, there was a showcasing of talents rendered by the students which give a proof that CKCians really got talent. As colorful lights and smashing music filled the air, additional colors have spread in the event which made the event worth remembering.

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