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Our new Speech Laboratory boosts student confidence in oral communication.

The new speech laboratory boosts student confidence in oral communication making them to be more at ease with the use of the English language.














The criminology laboratory  exposes students to devices and equipment relevant to the profession making them  ready before deployed to the real job.




The computer laboratory gives students full control over their work as they are provided 1 :1 student-computer ratio in their ICT and IT subjects enabling them to be more technologically oriented professionals.



The HRM laboratory comprises of a mini hotel, bar and conference area that makes students even more comfortable in doing the job before they are sent to the actual workplace.


Better learning with hands-on experiences and simulation close to the actual work.


The science laboratory are equipped with all the necessary apparatus and equipment that makes the learning of students in their science subjects worthwhile.



The nursing laboratory is designed to simulate a hospital environment that exposes future nurses with the medical equipment and critical scenarios that would make them confident in carrying out their job in real hospitals.


Thus, we provide the best possible hands-on experiences for your students for them to be ready before they step-out to the real world of work.