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“Promoting Sportsmanship and Camaraderie: CKC Intramurals 2018”

February 19th, 2018

Christ the King College sports enthusiasts and spectators once again gathered for this year’s Intramurals 2018. The activity kicked-off last September 18 and ended on the 22nd with the theme “Upholding the Ignacian-Marian Values of Faith, Excellence and Service through Sports”. The five-day Sports Fest started with a Paraliturgy initiated by the Campus Minister. A Street Parade around the City Proper followed, after which, the different delegations and delegation heads from both the Integrated Basic Education and College Department were presented by Mr. Maverick Daryl W. Napolereyes and Mr. Vlademir Geb P. Dobouzet respectively.

The atmosphere became more exciting as different athletes who have represented the school in regional and national level of competition led by Mr. Eric Franz G. Bacasnot lit the symbolic Urn which reminded all the athletes and participants to always seek the light of spirit, knowledge, and life in every game. Meanwhile, Mr. Vlademir Geb P. Dobouzet and Mr. June Anthony D. Guillena spearheaded the Oath of Officiating Officials and Oath of Amateurism respectively. The School’s Vice President for Academics, S. Ma. Felicisima L. Cruz RVM, then officially opened the CKC Intramurals 2018.

One of the highlights during the opening day was the Cheerdance Competition of both High School and College Department. The seven competing teams of the college department, BSA Chimera Maroons, BSBA Golden Tigers, BSSW Archangels, TEP Blue Phoenix, NIT Green Pythons, BSHRM Red Stallions and BSCRIM Purple Jaguars tightly battled each other for the Cheerdance Championship Title. Each team never failed to impress the crowd and the judges with their dynamic moves, extreme stunts, and nerve wrecking liftings. After three hours of intense performances from the seven competing teams, winners were declared, where the NIT Green Pythons placed third, the BSCRIM Purple Jaguars landed second, and the BSA Chimera Maroons as the Champion.

Right after the Cheerdance competition, each of the seven competing teams battled it out for the sports games both in individual and group category. Each player had put their mind and heart in representing their respective team. After 4 and half days of struggling to give victory to their team, winners were declared and they were the following:

Over-all Champion BSA Chimera Maroons
1st Runner-up BSHRM Red Stallions
2nd Runner-up BSBA Golden Tigers
3rd Runner-up TEP Blue Phoenix
4th Runner-up BSCRIM Purple Jaguars
5th Runner-up BSSW Archangels
6th Runner-up NIT Green Pythons

The Sports Fest 2018, which aimed to provide an avenue for students to showcase their athletic prowess and strengthen the value of sportsmanship, discipline, patience, teamwork and camaraderie among students and the academic community culminated last September 22, 2018 with a Dance Sport Competition where the BSSW Archangels reigned supreme and a Victory Ball with a big, big disco overload. The CKC Intramurals 2018 ended successfully and students went home with smiles printed on their faces. It was indeed a remarkable event worthy to be remembered and cherished now and forever.

Christ the King College Participated the Choral Presentation during the 90th Foundation Day of Lourdes College

February 18th, 2018

Lourdes College, Cagayan De Oro City celebrated its 90th Founding Anniversary last February 7 to February 11, 2018. The host school invited the other RVM Tertiary schools in Northern Mindanao, namely: Christ the King College-Gingoog City, St. Rita’s College of Balingasag, St. Michael’s College of Iligan and Saint Mary’s College of Labason for a Personnel Chorale Presentation and a Friendly Basketball Game played by the students.

Christ the King College personnel participated the chorale presentation which was held at the Lourdes College Auditorium last February 10, 2018. The personnel were able to perform well on stage with these song titles Dry Bones, I will Follow Him and Aba Ginoong Maria. The audience was delighted upon hearing the music during the presentation and the master of ceremony describes the facial expression of the singers as “jaw-breaking”. The activity was ended through giving of the certificate of participation to the five (5) clustered schools by the school president, S. Ma. Rufina B. Guillano, RVM.

The school also sends delegate for a Friendly Basketball Game last February 9 -10, 2018 at Lourdes College-Macasandig, Cagayan de Oro City. The game was so tight among the five schools. At last Lourdes College won the game as Champion and Christ the King College garnered the 2nd runner-up. The awards were given during the choral presentation at Lourdes College Auditorium.

Peace in Prayer and Strength in Unity

February 18th, 2018

The life of Venerable Ignacia del Espiritu Santo taught us that praying is as powerful as taking up the sword yourself to fight the battle. Mother Ignacia and her Beatas, or the Beaterio de la Compania de Jesus, went through difficult times before they were recognized by the Beatas but through all the downfalls, Mother Ignacia always finds the courage and strength to stand up again and be a beacon of hope to her fellow sisters and continue the journey with a newly found faith in God.

Mother Ignacia was inspired by our Blessed Virgin Mary and wanted to imitate the life she had lived, to bear her own cross in the name of Jesus Christ. The Rosary is a symbolic prayer for the Beatas because it was given emphasis by Mother Ignacia when she wrote the 1726 Constitution of the only book to have been written by Mother Ignacia herself that was ever recorded in history. From being Beatas to RVM or the Religious of the Virgin Mary, these sanctified women continued what Mother Ignacia has started and to this day, the Religious of the Virgin Mary continues the praying of the Rosary with genuineness and wholeheartedness. The value of prayer will forever be upheld amongst these women who continue raising the torch from the fire Mother Ignacia ignited as she pursued a vocation that changed the route of sanctified women in our country for the future.

Every October, Christ the King College celebrates the Rosary month by giving time and effort in honor of the Rosary and be united at the Mother Ignacia Gymnasium. We pray as one school to all the indigenous groups all over the world and all the people who need the grace and healing hands of God. Every Department symbolizes a country to whom we offer our prayers and the few chosen students who will represent their Departments will be gathered at the center of the Gymnasium forming a Rosary bead, lighting the candles, offering flowers and other gifts at the feet of Mother Mary and Mother Ignacia. It is a time for silence, contemplation, and reflection for of all the students, teachers, faculty and staff. We are made one as we recite together the Rosary and be in complete harmony with the people around us, to be in the presence of the Lord, to be at ease and lay down all our worries and troubles in life at God’s feet. It is this time of the year where we ask for the renewed strength to keep fighting, keep helping the needy, keep protecting God’s creation, and keep living life in God’s will. Bringing together the different Departments in prayer is a memorable feat that would remind us that peace is in prayer and strength is in unity.