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IT Days showcase three-day Digital Adventure

April 18th, 2022

“The future is not something we enter. The future is something we create.” -Leonard I. Sweet

By: Joshua A. Uyan

The Information Technology Day was a three-day event held last February 16-18, 2022, inspired with the theme Emphasizing the Importance of Technology in Creating a Sustainable Future. It was initiated by the IT Program with the noble intention ofmolding and inspiring the students’ young minds to become future cyber engineers of our society. When the timepiece struck at nine o’ clock, the webinar was set with more than a hundred participants. Jemar Sara and Charry Marte were the Masters of Ceremony. The participants consisted of Christ the King College’s STEM, IT and BSIT students and Gingoog City Comprehensive National High School’s TVL-ICT students.  The presence of the IT Program Faculty and the School President, Sr. Ma. Felicisma L. Cruz, RVM, highlighted the opening program. This marked the first day of the event.

The School President, Sr. Ma. Felicisma L. Cruz, RVM, highlighted the opening program.

The welcome address of Sr. Maria Felicisima L. Cruz, RVM underscored the significance of the Information Technology Course and the necessity of sharing God-given talents to the community for the progress of our nation. She likewise expressed her most sincere gratitude to the officers of the IT Program spearheaded by Mr. Gerrick Babanto, to Sr. Ma. Lorelyn Santos, RVM, the Program Head, Mrs. Leah Cuerdo, the Program Coordinator, and to Mr. Jhon Harvey Babia as well as Mr. Raymund Guillermo, the IT instructors. To spice things up, a webinar on the significance of BASIC ARDUINO was introduced by the speaker / IT Program Instructor, Mr. Jhon Harvey Babia. How was that presentation so spicy, entertaining, and informative at the same time? Of course, he showed an Arduino board, LED light, and sound sensor conjoined together, and he amazed the students when he snapped his fingers. The conjoined machine reacted to the sound by blinking like a Christmas light. The students really felt the excitement when Mr. Babia said that his presentation served only as an appetizer and to recommence the next day.

Image shows one of the IT instructors, Mr. Jhon Harvey Babia introducing and demonstrating the basics of Arduino.

The BSIT Alumni also took the initiative of giving messages to inspire the hearts of the students to pursue BSIT.  The audience was glued to their seats because of the wonderful pieces of information shared by the resource speaker, plus an entertainment presentation from the BSIT students. A closing prayer led by Alyana Senunta concluded the first day event.

The BSIT Alumni gave their wonderful messages to the students through multimedia presentation.

The second day event commenced with an opening prayer and a National Anthem which was executed through a multimedia presentation. Sr. Ma. Lorelyn Santos, RVM, gave her introduction that emphasized the dynamism of CKC pride through having Mr. Jhon Harvey Babia as its Resource Speaker. This punctuated an enticing mood among the participants.

The chosen participants of the workshop were students from CKC’s Block-B STEM group and GCCNHS’s TVL-ICT students. They were grouped into five, and every group was composed of four to five students.

Figures show the CKC’s STEM students collaborating and working as a team to assemble and program their machines.

After the workshop, the Arduino Programming Contest started. At first, the students were puzzled on how they can assemble the machine piece by piece and program it.  With conviction and enthusiasm, following instructions carefully, the students did not stop until they were able to accomplish and realize their tasks. The group who finished their task first and who was adjudged as the first place winner was composed of Angelene Cadeliña, Althena Vanessa Libago, Mark Lord Molina, Allen Rose Pabular, and Jullianne Visande. The second place was garnered by the group of John Amoguis, Jan Reister Baragona, Darel Briones, and Celjie Magbunag. Lastly, the third place was the group of Princess Almonia, Arth Vincent Bachinicha, Enya Alexandria Camocamo, Darren Louis Constante, and Lea Maria Oculam. The exciting activity finally concluded successfully.

Picture shows the commencement of the Quiz Bee activity which happened after the Arduino Workshop and Programming.

The Quiz Bee commenced after the Arduino Programming Contest in the afternoon.  The participants were all students from the BSIT Program. Just like the recent activity, student grouping was organized.  The first placer was the group of Karl Nino A. Gallogo, Marven Christian B. Ladera, Rudyard Guangco, and Joseph Fajardo. The second placer was the group of Belly D. Llemit, Eric Venz Bacasnot, Jude Hizola, Kenneth Japson, and Kersten Tion. Achieving the third place was the group of Senon Turtosa, Jemar Sara, Kharl Vincent Macabenta, and Cristian Reformina.

After the Quiz Bee, the final activity of the event was called as Amazing Race. The participants were BSIT students. Three groups vied for the contest. The first placer was the group of Alyana D. Senunta, Marven Christian B. Ladera, Dennis Susalo, Rudyard Guangco, Juevayne Gaguan, and Jonel Busa. Running second place was the group of Angelica Jane B. Baguhin, Frances Louise B. Salugsugan, Bob Charles Marinas, John Michael Valmoria, and James Rey Vidal. Ending as third placer was the group of Antonette Varquez, Draxser Marquez, Eric Venz Bacasnot, Dexter Biscocho, Kersten Tion, and Kenneth Japson.  A closing prayer which was presented through multimedia presentation ended the day.

The webinar resumed on the third day. The opening prayer and National Anthem was presented via multimedia and the welcome remarks was given by Lea Jean Bacus. To make the webinar entertaining, the students from the IT department presented various talent entries through short videos. It was a contest.  Winning the IT Got Talent Entries was Christian Reformina, a 1st year BSIT student. Students from STEM BLOCK-B, Mr. Arth Bachinicha in particular, shared some insights about the second-day’s event. According to Arth, “The event really helped us to hone our skills in terms of programming, and we can use these skills for the good of all.” Others also shared about how fun the event was and how it gave an impact to them.

The motherly IT Program Head, Sr. Ma. Lorelyn Santos, RVM, concluded the event as she conveyed her closing remarks. This was followed by the virtual recognition of the students who won the events, and the officers who were the prime movers of this activity.

The closing and awarding  rites,  graced by the presence of Sr. Ma. Lorelyn Santos, RVM, the Program Head.

In retrospect, their actions, words, and gestures during the three-day event denoted the students’ interest to become programmers and engineers of the future. It is hoped that events like this can further stimulate the students’ interest in pursuing their lifelong desires through the Information Technology profession.