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College Faculty

Because the kind of teachers we have, determine largely what we do as a learning institution.
We are discerning about who we entrust our students’ welfare.

Our teachers care for measurable outcomes and are equally committed to grow,
like the students they love.

Our aspiration to become a great learning institution can only become possible if we equally address instruction, research and outreach services in equal breadth. Of the three, we believe instruction to be most foundational.  We therefore select and hire only those who are competent in their fields to be further developed and trained to journey with the students.

Our present pool of College Faculty members are the select in the community. They are dedicated and committed to the teaching ministry; and open to holistic growth programs. Our teachers are staunch supporters of continuous learning and this is apparent in their interest in pursuing further studies and professional advancement in their field of specialization. This increased bank of expertise allows us to journey with concern and involvement, our student’s need for Christian formation and academic excellence.

We continue to encourage our faculty to increase research skills and capabilities expand involvement in professional and civic organizations; and apply learned knowledge through dynamic classroom instruction.