IT Days showcase three-day Digital Adventure

April 18th, 2022

“The future is not something we enter. The future is something we create.” -Leonard I. Sweet

By: Joshua A. Uyan

The Information Technology Day was a three-day event held last February 16-18, 2022, inspired with the theme Emphasizing the Importance of Technology in Creating a Sustainable Future. It was initiated by the IT Program with the noble intention ofmolding and inspiring the students’ young minds to become future cyber engineers of our society. When the timepiece struck at nine o’ clock, the webinar was set with more than a hundred participants. Jemar Sara and Charry Marte were the Masters of Ceremony. The participants consisted of Christ the King College’s STEM, IT and BSIT students and Gingoog City Comprehensive National High School’s TVL-ICT students.  The presence of the IT Program Faculty and the School President, Sr. Ma. Felicisma L. Cruz, RVM, highlighted the opening program. This marked the first day of the event.

The School President, Sr. Ma. Felicisma L. Cruz, RVM, highlighted the opening program.

The welcome address of Sr. Maria Felicisima L. Cruz, RVM underscored the significance of the Information Technology Course and the necessity of sharing God-given talents to the community for the progress of our nation. She likewise expressed her most sincere gratitude to the officers of the IT Program spearheaded by Mr. Gerrick Babanto, to Sr. Ma. Lorelyn Santos, RVM, the Program Head, Mrs. Leah Cuerdo, the Program Coordinator, and to Mr. Jhon Harvey Babia as well as Mr. Raymund Guillermo, the IT instructors. To spice things up, a webinar on the significance of BASIC ARDUINO was introduced by the speaker / IT Program Instructor, Mr. Jhon Harvey Babia. How was that presentation so spicy, entertaining, and informative at the same time? Of course, he showed an Arduino board, LED light, and sound sensor conjoined together, and he amazed the students when he snapped his fingers. The conjoined machine reacted to the sound by blinking like a Christmas light. The students really felt the excitement when Mr. Babia said that his presentation served only as an appetizer and to recommence the next day.

Image shows one of the IT instructors, Mr. Jhon Harvey Babia introducing and demonstrating the basics of Arduino.

The BSIT Alumni also took the initiative of giving messages to inspire the hearts of the students to pursue BSIT.  The audience was glued to their seats because of the wonderful pieces of information shared by the resource speaker, plus an entertainment presentation from the BSIT students. A closing prayer led by Alyana Senunta concluded the first day event.

The BSIT Alumni gave their wonderful messages to the students through multimedia presentation.

The second day event commenced with an opening prayer and a National Anthem which was executed through a multimedia presentation. Sr. Ma. Lorelyn Santos, RVM, gave her introduction that emphasized the dynamism of CKC pride through having Mr. Jhon Harvey Babia as its Resource Speaker. This punctuated an enticing mood among the participants.

The chosen participants of the workshop were students from CKC’s Block-B STEM group and GCCNHS’s TVL-ICT students. They were grouped into five, and every group was composed of four to five students.

Figures show the CKC’s STEM students collaborating and working as a team to assemble and program their machines.

After the workshop, the Arduino Programming Contest started. At first, the students were puzzled on how they can assemble the machine piece by piece and program it.  With conviction and enthusiasm, following instructions carefully, the students did not stop until they were able to accomplish and realize their tasks. The group who finished their task first and who was adjudged as the first place winner was composed of Angelene Cadeliña, Althena Vanessa Libago, Mark Lord Molina, Allen Rose Pabular, and Jullianne Visande. The second place was garnered by the group of John Amoguis, Jan Reister Baragona, Darel Briones, and Celjie Magbunag. Lastly, the third place was the group of Princess Almonia, Arth Vincent Bachinicha, Enya Alexandria Camocamo, Darren Louis Constante, and Lea Maria Oculam. The exciting activity finally concluded successfully.

Picture shows the commencement of the Quiz Bee activity which happened after the Arduino Workshop and Programming.

The Quiz Bee commenced after the Arduino Programming Contest in the afternoon.  The participants were all students from the BSIT Program. Just like the recent activity, student grouping was organized.  The first placer was the group of Karl Nino A. Gallogo, Marven Christian B. Ladera, Rudyard Guangco, and Joseph Fajardo. The second placer was the group of Belly D. Llemit, Eric Venz Bacasnot, Jude Hizola, Kenneth Japson, and Kersten Tion. Achieving the third place was the group of Senon Turtosa, Jemar Sara, Kharl Vincent Macabenta, and Cristian Reformina.

After the Quiz Bee, the final activity of the event was called as Amazing Race. The participants were BSIT students. Three groups vied for the contest. The first placer was the group of Alyana D. Senunta, Marven Christian B. Ladera, Dennis Susalo, Rudyard Guangco, Juevayne Gaguan, and Jonel Busa. Running second place was the group of Angelica Jane B. Baguhin, Frances Louise B. Salugsugan, Bob Charles Marinas, John Michael Valmoria, and James Rey Vidal. Ending as third placer was the group of Antonette Varquez, Draxser Marquez, Eric Venz Bacasnot, Dexter Biscocho, Kersten Tion, and Kenneth Japson.  A closing prayer which was presented through multimedia presentation ended the day.

The webinar resumed on the third day. The opening prayer and National Anthem was presented via multimedia and the welcome remarks was given by Lea Jean Bacus. To make the webinar entertaining, the students from the IT department presented various talent entries through short videos. It was a contest.  Winning the IT Got Talent Entries was Christian Reformina, a 1st year BSIT student. Students from STEM BLOCK-B, Mr. Arth Bachinicha in particular, shared some insights about the second-day’s event. According to Arth, “The event really helped us to hone our skills in terms of programming, and we can use these skills for the good of all.” Others also shared about how fun the event was and how it gave an impact to them.

The motherly IT Program Head, Sr. Ma. Lorelyn Santos, RVM, concluded the event as she conveyed her closing remarks. This was followed by the virtual recognition of the students who won the events, and the officers who were the prime movers of this activity.

The closing and awarding  rites,  graced by the presence of Sr. Ma. Lorelyn Santos, RVM, the Program Head.

In retrospect, their actions, words, and gestures during the three-day event denoted the students’ interest to become programmers and engineers of the future. It is hoped that events like this can further stimulate the students’ interest in pursuing their lifelong desires through the Information Technology profession.

“King’s Scroll conducts Seminar Workshop on Campus Journalism”

January 6th, 2019

Last October 13, 2018 , Christ the King College, King’s Scroll official publication prosperously conducted its annual seminar workshop at the CKC’s conference room with the theme “Educating  the Youth through responsible Campus Journalism” developing young writers to produce a better school paper.

The seminar was divided into four sessions according to the writing categories the staff belong.

The news writing was discussed by Mr. Roland Acido, the school paper advisor of “The Quill” from Gingoog City Comprehensive National Highschool tackled the components of writing an accurate and objective scene to be written in an article. He added that a News Writer must have courage and boldness to expose the truth about the scene.

Editorial Cartooning was talked by Ms. Ma. Theresa Barrero who emphasized the importance of combining an artistic skill and the satire to picture a commentary expression of the artist’s opinion. She expounded that a cartoon must express an opinion on a topic and provokes readers to think and clarify their own opinions.

The photojournalism was then conveyed by Ms. Rita Marie Endrina, Regional Qualifier of School’s Press Conference (RSPC) in photojournalism along with his colleague Mr. Eric Seth Obedencio, National  Qualifier on School’s Press Conference (NSPC) in the same category saying that a good photojournalist captures emotion that tells a story beyond a single photo.

In the afternoon, the Editorial and Feature writing was given by the last speaker Mr. Chandelaria Torrevilas who taught writers to be brave in writing and discover appropriate words in making descriptions.

The seminar was successfully ended with the giving of certificates and tokens by the organization’s moderator Mr. Pericles G. Aninion together with the Editor in Chief Kit L. Negro.

BSCRIM Purple Jaguars Stunned BSA Chimera Maroon

January 6th, 2019

The BSCRIM Purple Jaguars stunned the BSA Chimera Maroon, 25-22, 25-20 to take the top spot on the Bracket A of Volleyball Game of Christ the King College Intramurals 2018. The game happened last September 20, 2018 at around 10:0’clock in the morning. The intense heat of the sun made the game’s atmosphere more exciting as spectators who gathered to witness the game were treated with an exciting clash between the two rival teams.

On the first set of the game, each team tried to outsmart each other by varying their offense but the Purple Jaguars managed to escape the threatening Chimera Maroons with Bejev and Benign Baguiz combining for 10 attacks and 3 blocks. The motivated Chimera Maroons however, successfully tied the 1st set, 20-20 coming from 4 opponent’s error, 2 blocks and a couple of easy tip from John Den-awan. But the Purple Jaguars showed that they want the game more as they close the set 25-22.

Coming on the second set, the momentum was on the Purple Jaguars as their freshmen, Niel Llanes and Jimmy Andoy combined for 12 attacks and 2 services aces to give the Jaguars and early lead 16-10.  But the high-spirited Chimera Maroons managed to close up with the lead as they created a 5-2 run of their own. But the relentless Purple Jaguars won’t allow the Chimera Maroons to extend the set as they cool down the ravishing attacks of the Maroons with a couple of blocks and services aces, closing the set, 25-22.

The victory gave the Jaguars the top spot on Bracket A. Despite their lose, the Maroons will still move to the next level of the game as both the Jaguars and they will face the top two teams coming from the Bracket B.

CKC commemorates the 270th Death Anniversary of Venerable Ignacia del Espiritu Santo

January 6th, 2019

In a great spectacle at Mo. Ignacia Gymnasium, Christ the King College once again honored the 270th year of the death of the RVM congregation, Mother Foundress, Ignacia del Espiritu Santo which was jam-packed  by hundreds of students on the 10th day of September, 2018.

How did CKC celebrate it this time?

The Mother Ignacia Club administered various contests like Spoken Word Poetry, Poster Making, and Ignacian Quiz open for all courses limited only to two participants per department.

“The goal of MIC is to check the level of knowledge of the CKCians about the life of Mother Ignacia”, said Agbon, MIC President, during an interview focal objective of the event.

The program was started around 3:30 pm with the Ignacian Quiz. There were two teams with three members to represent every department and the questions tossed were all about the life of Mother Ignacia starting from the very basic to higher level questions.

The winners of the different contests were acknowledged and were given certificates with the presence of Sister Ethyl S. Soriño RVM, Campus Minister and MIC Moderator, and Mr. Pericles Aninion, Dean of Student Affairs. The winners of the different contests are as follows:

Visayan Word Poetry:

1st- Christel Mae Caling- BSBA1

2nd- Kit L. Negro- BSED4

3rd- Niiña Anne M. Tirariray- BSHM1


Filipino Poetry Contest:

1st- June Solrac O. Agunod- BSIT1

2nd- Raphaela Dionne R. Caña- BSA1

3rd– Denis L. Din-awan- BSA1

Poster Making:

1st– Karl Gallogo- BSIT1

2nd– Nicole Mae B. Reponte- BSN1

3rd– April John Taber- BSSW1

Ignacian Quiz:

1st – BSSW

2nd– BSBA

3rd– TEP


The program also portrayed the life of Mother Ignacia through the different dance presentations from selected courses. The concept of the performances allowed the audience to honor and to appreciate the life of the beloved foundress.

CKCians Revisits the Spirit of Filipino Culture in Pista sa Nayon 2018

January 6th, 2019

Christ the King College held its Acquaintance Party last August 4, 2018 at CKC Ground and Mother Ignacia Gymnasium with the theme “Pista sa Nayon.” The main purpose of the event was to develop friendship and unity among the old and new members of the CKC family.

The day long celebration started with a team building exercise where traditional Filipino games like Patintero, Sack Race, and Triathlone games which include the Bao Race, Tiyakad,  Kaliring,  Luksong Tinik, Lapitin and Slipper Game that were played in the morning. Students from 1st year to 4th year were gathered together and divided into teams. A small parade opened the main program. The students were encouraged to wear formal Filipino costumes such as Barong Tagalog for males and Filipiniana for females. An invocation was given followed by the singing of the National Anthem and Gingoog Hymn. Jesel Mercado, the KSO senate president, led the Bayanihan ritual, June Anthony Guillena, KSO president, gave the welcome address, and an inspirational message by S. Ma. Felicisima L. Cruz, RVM was given right after. To embed the Filipino spirit into the event, different courses are presented by their best contenders competed during the Kundiman and folk dance competition.

These are the winners:


First Place- Bachelor in Science of Social Work

Second Place- Bachelor in Science of Accountancy

Third Place- Bachelor in Science of Business Administration



First Place-Julie May Anne Cabajar (HM)

Second Place- Krizlen Kara Ramos (TEP)

Third Place- Sandy Buhawi (BSBA)

The old yet romantic “Bayle” was relived as boys asked girls to dance offering the symbolic rose. “Sayawan,” the disco of Pinoys during the 80s, was favoured by the students as they jived intothe beats of the party.  Everyone went home with smiles on their faces when the event ended.

Salt and Light Community Extends Love of God to CKC Family

January 6th, 2019

Christ the King College invited the Salt and Light Community, a religious group of youths, at Anakan, Gingoog City on September 10, 2018 at Mo. Ignacia Gymnasium to whom in their person extended the love of God to all CKCians.

For the second time, Salt and Light Community offered its services to the CKC family through conducting a praise and worship activity. CKCians enjoyed the night through dancing, singing, and listening to the hymns of the Gospel songs and the talk given by Mr. Carl Christian M. Galope, one of the members.

“As youths, we should not forget to honor and worship the name of God and offer everything to Him, we should always show love despite all the trials we face in life for we have a living God who is bigger than our problems”, said Galope.

Galope left a verse to all CKCians to continuously remind them how great our God is. The verses are taken from Ecclesiastes 12:1 “Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come and the years approach when you will say, “I find no pleasure in them” and Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

The program concluded around 7:30 in the evening with a message of gratitude delivered by Mr. Pericles Aninion to the invited guests and to all who prepared and shared their time to the said event.

Teacher Education Program Hosts its First Ever Night of Success

January 6th, 2019

For the first time in Teacher Education Program’s history in Christ the King College, a jaw-dropping preparation has been made along with its classy red carpet, well-arranged fancy tables and well-prepared luscious food at Mo. Ignacia Gymnasium, only to host its first ever “Night of Success” on the 20th day of October.

TEP Officers decided to celebrate the anticipated event after the stressful final exams. This served as their reward party after the 1st semester’s uptight battle. TEP students really prepared for the said party for they looked elegant and sophisticated with their black, white and gold outfit, a perfect blend for the night’s cordial ambiance.

With the theme “One heart, One mind, One success” the goal of the TEP officers headed by Mrs. Sheena Marie Engarcial was to encourage and to motivate the aspiring educators to pursue the teaching career for it is the noblest profession.

To meet this goal, TEP Officers invited special guests who were once part of the TEP Family and a product of its very own institution. They were Mr. Jayson Digamon, Ms. Ericka Braga, and some of the proud LET passers; Ms. Mary Joy Licayan, Ms. Aiza Colis, Mrs. Juverlyn Salamangca and Mr. Lord Raph Aguilor.

“As teachers, we do not only teach the mind, touch the heart, but also transform the lives of the students”, said Digamon in his long inspirational message.

“We should aim to top the LET not just to pass the LET, so if ever we failed to top the LET at least we passed the LET”, he added.

Before the night ended, the TEP Officers together with their program dean, Sister Ma Felicisima L. Cruz RVM and the special partaking of Mrs. Joselita Canios, extended their appreciation through giving certificates to those students who have shown efforts, loyalty, and service to the Teacher Education Program during the first semester of the SY.2018-2019.

TEP students and the program dean were delighted to have the presence of the special guests for they made them proud and gave honor to the school and to the program itself.

The elegant party successfully ended with jubilant faces and a fueled spirit of passion to all aspiring educators.

“Promoting Sportsmanship and Camaraderie: CKC Intramurals 2018”

February 19th, 2018

Christ the King College sports enthusiasts and spectators once again gathered for this year’s Intramurals 2018. The activity kicked-off last September 18 and ended on the 22nd with the theme “Upholding the Ignacian-Marian Values of Faith, Excellence and Service through Sports”. The five-day Sports Fest started with a Paraliturgy initiated by the Campus Minister. A Street Parade around the City Proper followed, after which, the different delegations and delegation heads from both the Integrated Basic Education and College Department were presented by Mr. Maverick Daryl W. Napolereyes and Mr. Vlademir Geb P. Dobouzet respectively.

The atmosphere became more exciting as different athletes who have represented the school in regional and national level of competition led by Mr. Eric Franz G. Bacasnot lit the symbolic Urn which reminded all the athletes and participants to always seek the light of spirit, knowledge, and life in every game. Meanwhile, Mr. Vlademir Geb P. Dobouzet and Mr. June Anthony D. Guillena spearheaded the Oath of Officiating Officials and Oath of Amateurism respectively. The School’s Vice President for Academics, S. Ma. Felicisima L. Cruz RVM, then officially opened the CKC Intramurals 2018.

One of the highlights during the opening day was the Cheerdance Competition of both High School and College Department. The seven competing teams of the college department, BSA Chimera Maroons, BSBA Golden Tigers, BSSW Archangels, TEP Blue Phoenix, NIT Green Pythons, BSHRM Red Stallions and BSCRIM Purple Jaguars tightly battled each other for the Cheerdance Championship Title. Each team never failed to impress the crowd and the judges with their dynamic moves, extreme stunts, and nerve wrecking liftings. After three hours of intense performances from the seven competing teams, winners were declared, where the NIT Green Pythons placed third, the BSCRIM Purple Jaguars landed second, and the BSA Chimera Maroons as the Champion.

Right after the Cheerdance competition, each of the seven competing teams battled it out for the sports games both in individual and group category. Each player had put their mind and heart in representing their respective team. After 4 and half days of struggling to give victory to their team, winners were declared and they were the following:

Over-all Champion BSA Chimera Maroons
1st Runner-up BSHRM Red Stallions
2nd Runner-up BSBA Golden Tigers
3rd Runner-up TEP Blue Phoenix
4th Runner-up BSCRIM Purple Jaguars
5th Runner-up BSSW Archangels
6th Runner-up NIT Green Pythons

The Sports Fest 2018, which aimed to provide an avenue for students to showcase their athletic prowess and strengthen the value of sportsmanship, discipline, patience, teamwork and camaraderie among students and the academic community culminated last September 22, 2018 with a Dance Sport Competition where the BSSW Archangels reigned supreme and a Victory Ball with a big, big disco overload. The CKC Intramurals 2018 ended successfully and students went home with smiles printed on their faces. It was indeed a remarkable event worthy to be remembered and cherished now and forever.

Christ the King College Participated the Choral Presentation during the 90th Foundation Day of Lourdes College

February 18th, 2018

Lourdes College, Cagayan De Oro City celebrated its 90th Founding Anniversary last February 7 to February 11, 2018. The host school invited the other RVM Tertiary schools in Northern Mindanao, namely: Christ the King College-Gingoog City, St. Rita’s College of Balingasag, St. Michael’s College of Iligan and Saint Mary’s College of Labason for a Personnel Chorale Presentation and a Friendly Basketball Game played by the students.

Christ the King College personnel participated the chorale presentation which was held at the Lourdes College Auditorium last February 10, 2018. The personnel were able to perform well on stage with these song titles Dry Bones, I will Follow Him and Aba Ginoong Maria. The audience was delighted upon hearing the music during the presentation and the master of ceremony describes the facial expression of the singers as “jaw-breaking”. The activity was ended through giving of the certificate of participation to the five (5) clustered schools by the school president, S. Ma. Rufina B. Guillano, RVM.

The school also sends delegate for a Friendly Basketball Game last February 9 -10, 2018 at Lourdes College-Macasandig, Cagayan de Oro City. The game was so tight among the five schools. At last Lourdes College won the game as Champion and Christ the King College garnered the 2nd runner-up. The awards were given during the choral presentation at Lourdes College Auditorium.

Peace in Prayer and Strength in Unity

February 18th, 2018

The life of Venerable Ignacia del Espiritu Santo taught us that praying is as powerful as taking up the sword yourself to fight the battle. Mother Ignacia and her Beatas, or the Beaterio de la Compania de Jesus, went through difficult times before they were recognized by the Beatas but through all the downfalls, Mother Ignacia always finds the courage and strength to stand up again and be a beacon of hope to her fellow sisters and continue the journey with a newly found faith in God.

Mother Ignacia was inspired by our Blessed Virgin Mary and wanted to imitate the life she had lived, to bear her own cross in the name of Jesus Christ. The Rosary is a symbolic prayer for the Beatas because it was given emphasis by Mother Ignacia when she wrote the 1726 Constitution of the only book to have been written by Mother Ignacia herself that was ever recorded in history. From being Beatas to RVM or the Religious of the Virgin Mary, these sanctified women continued what Mother Ignacia has started and to this day, the Religious of the Virgin Mary continues the praying of the Rosary with genuineness and wholeheartedness. The value of prayer will forever be upheld amongst these women who continue raising the torch from the fire Mother Ignacia ignited as she pursued a vocation that changed the route of sanctified women in our country for the future.

Every October, Christ the King College celebrates the Rosary month by giving time and effort in honor of the Rosary and be united at the Mother Ignacia Gymnasium. We pray as one school to all the indigenous groups all over the world and all the people who need the grace and healing hands of God. Every Department symbolizes a country to whom we offer our prayers and the few chosen students who will represent their Departments will be gathered at the center of the Gymnasium forming a Rosary bead, lighting the candles, offering flowers and other gifts at the feet of Mother Mary and Mother Ignacia. It is a time for silence, contemplation, and reflection for of all the students, teachers, faculty and staff. We are made one as we recite together the Rosary and be in complete harmony with the people around us, to be in the presence of the Lord, to be at ease and lay down all our worries and troubles in life at God’s feet. It is this time of the year where we ask for the renewed strength to keep fighting, keep helping the needy, keep protecting God’s creation, and keep living life in God’s will. Bringing together the different Departments in prayer is a memorable feat that would remind us that peace is in prayer and strength is in unity.