Christ the King College

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9014 Gingoog City

In a mesmerizing fusion of creativity and talents, the Symphony of Talents Soiree delivered an unforgettable experience that celebrates imagination, and religious portrayal on the afternoon of November 22, 2023. The celebration of the Higher Education Department (HED) Day is an eagerly anticipated event that showcased the institution’s commitment in nurturing the creative potential of its students and displayed artistic flair, highlighted the incredible talents and passion.

The Symphony of Talents Soiree is a platform for students from varied disciplines to unleash their creativity and exhibit their artistic abilities. From music and dance to dramatic interpretations of classic biblical stories offered an array of captivating performances that ignited the imagination. One of the unique aspects of the Symphony of Talents Soiree was its inclusive nature. Students from Higher Education came together, transforming the school gymnasium into a theatric stage where talent knew no boundaries. Either a nursing student with a hidden passion for acting or an aspiring artist with a flair for music, the event encouraged students to step outside their academic comfort zones and revealed their multi-dimensional talents.

Words by Fiona Pelaez