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Research and Planning Office

Research and Planning Office

The central focus of the Research and Planning Office (RPO) is to use scientific and ethical methods to serve the community in a variety of ways, including the generation of emerging new ideas, the improvement of programs/instructional practices, and services, and the provision of a foundation for the formulation of policies and other significant decisions by the involved stakeholders.  It also assists institution researchers in honing and expanding their creative and inventive talents and gaining new and deeper information through an open and thorough exchange of ideas with other professionals. It also intends to convert the institution into a research-oriented organization with the objective of becoming a future regional and national Center of Excellence.

Goals and Objectives

The school’s research processes aim to develop globally competent professionals who cannot generate and transfer knowledge and technology for enhancing productivity and quality of life by integrating innovative solutions, knowledge creation, and application (NHERA-2).

The following objectives shall be pursued:

1. Enhance the research output of staff and students by improving their research capacity.

2. Create the knowledge/technologies required for policy development.

3. Plan formulation in the school; develop innovative programs in instruction, community extension service, and other service units; advance growth in the discipline; and 

4. Promote and facilitate the dissemination and utilization of research outputs.

Research and Planning Coordinator: Paul John B. Panganiban, MSTMath (CAR)

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