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Community Extension Office


Faithful to Christ, we live the Ignacian Marian Spirituality of Humble Servanthood and respond to the emerging needs of the church and society.


We commit ourselves to assist in the development of communities through: 

  • health, literacy, and spiritual formation programs; 
  • training and enhancement of technical and livelihood skills; 
  • awareness and involvement in current social issues and concerns; 
  • conservation and preservation of God’s creation; and 
  • enhancing social responsibilities and empowering individuals.



The Community Involvement Program aims to: 

  • organize community members to attain unity and cooperation; 
  • engage administrators, faculty members, and students in the promotion of social justice and peace;
  • provide training and session to empower people in the community; 
  • improve the socio-economic condition of the community through the CKC-designed community initiatives; and 
  • strengthen linkages with other government and non-government organizations/agencies.


Short Description

Community involvement is a vital aspect of promoting social justice, equity, and social responsibility. It refers to the active participation of individuals and groups in public life, civic engagement, and social change. Community involvement can take various forms, such as volunteerism, service-learning, community organizing, and advocacy. Through community involvement, people can challenge an unjust society. The Community Involvement Program of Christ the King College is anchored on the JEEPGY Framework which is centered on righting relationships with God, humanity, and all of creation, which programs are guided by the values of stewardship, human dignity, integrity, love, dialogue, solidarity, spirituality, among others. 


The JEEPGY Framework

Justice and Peace

Cultivates awareness, concern, and behaviors that lead to just and peaceful conditions, structures, and relationships.

Ecological Integrity

Balance of life and the state of nature as God created it.

Engaged Citizenship

Call to spread hope and courage as we commit to multidimensional inclusion.

Poverty Reduction

Institutional programs for the poor, deprived, and marginalized sectors of society to uplift their quality of life and uphold their dignity.

Gender Equality

Institutional programs for the poor, deprived, and marginalized sectors of society to uplift their quality of life and uphold their dignity.

Youth Empowerment

Aims to empower youth to become engaged citizens who may be servant leaders regardless of whatever roles they may assume in the future.

Programs and Services

Socio-Pastoral Program 

The program assists Church activities where the faculty and students render services to the parish church during masses and other relevant activities such as BEC.

Health Program 

The CIP collaborates with appropriate partner organizations to facilitate greater access to healthcare services for the adopted community.

Education & Literacy Program 

The program offers guidance and help to the children’s learning in the adopted community through mentoring, a fun-and-learn approach, computer skills, and other related activities.

Socio-Economic and Livelihood Program 

The CIP supports the adopted community in exploring and developing opportunities to enhance their economic situation through skill-building activities and income-generating programs.

Environmental Program  

The CIP strives to foster a culture of environmental awareness and responsibility among the members of the adopted community and institution through various green programs and activities.

Capacity Building Program for Community Safety 

This program consists of various initiatives that seek to enhance the skills and capacities of the civilian volunteers’ group in the local community.

Emergency and Disaster Relief Assistance 

This CKC community engagement program aims to provide timely and practical assistance to people who have suffered from natural and man-made disasters.


Services and Activities

A.   Socio-Pastoral

·       Basic Ecclesial Communities Sessions

·       Eucharistic Celebrations Serving

·       Catechism

B.  Health

·       Community Health Nursing

·       Feeding Program

C.  Education and Literacy

·       Academic Tutorials

·       Reading Camps

·       Computer Literacy

·       Financial Literacy

·       Environmental Awareness Drive

D.  Socio-Economic and Livelihood

·       Livelihood and Skills Trainings

–         Rag-making

–         Christmas Bag-making

–         Taro Chips-making

E.   Environmental

·       Clean-up Drives

·       Tree Plantings

F.   Capacity Building for Community Safety

·       Community Hazzard Orientations

·       Organization and Empowerment of Community Volunteers’ Group

G.  Emergency and Relief Assistance

·       Donation Drives

·       Emergency Relief Operations

Existing Linkages

  • LGU of Gingoog City 
  • CDRRM Unit of Gingoog City 
  • Philippine Red Cross Gingoog Chapter 
  • PNP 
  • BFP 
  • BJMP

Community Involvement Program Coordinator: EMRAIDA T. CINCHES, RSW, MSSW-CAR



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