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How to Enroll

Admission Procedure:
All incoming and transferee students shall be interviewed first by the Dean of Student Affairs (DSA) before taking an entrance examination administered by the Guidance Staff.

An applicant for admission to Christ the King College must present satisfactory evidence of ability to do college work, verifiable through the Report Card and evidenced by a Certification of Good Moral Character. He / She must take the Assessment Test administered by the Guidance Center and submit a photocopy of his/her birth certificate. The student is required to personally process his / her enrollment. For a transferee, the following requirements must be complied with:

Duly certified transfer credentials (Honorable Dismissal from previous school);
a copy of his/her previous academic records (i.e., temporary Transcript of Records) for evaluation purposes;
a Certification of Good Moral Character; and
a photocopy of the Philippine Statistic Authority (PSA) authenticated birth certificate

Old students must have final grades in all subjects before seeking admission.

Transferees, internal course shifters and second coursers who wish to enroll in board courses are required to take a qualifying examination to be given by the Program to which they are shifting.

Finally, the College reserves the right to refuse admission to applicants whose qualifications do
not meet the school’s established norm for good moral character.



       For New and Transferee Pupils/Students

Step 1      K to 10/SHS Coordinator

                 Interview with the K to 10/SHS Coordinator with the required initial

                 documents and an Enrollment Form will be given

Step 2      Guidance Office

                 Take the Entrance Examination and accomplish the Guidance Forms

Step 3      Registrar’s Office

                 Submit the accomplished enrollment form together with the required      documents

Step 4      Cashier’s Office

                 Pay the required payment upon enrollment

Step 5      ID Center

                 Proceed for ID picture taking


       For Old Pupils/Students

Step 1  Registrar’s Office

            Get the Report Card and secure the Enrollment Form

Step 2  K to 10/SHS Coordinator

            Present the Enrollment Form with your Report Card (Form 138) for academic consultation.

Step 3  Cashier’s Office

            Pay the required payment upon enrollment

Step 4  ID Center

            Proceed for ID picture taking

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