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                                     POLICIES and RULES ON DISCIPLINE

                      (Source: Basic Education Handbook, 2023 Edition, pages 63-67) 

During school days, the school is responsible for the pupil’s/student’s whereabouts. Therefore, all pupils/students are forbidden to leave the campus from the time they arrive until the last class in the afternoon. Pupils/Students are expected to show respect and courtesy all the time in all areas of the school.

1. In the Classroom and Corridors

o   Silence is expected during prayer. Students stop and show reverence by assuming the prayer position during Morning Prayer, Angelus, and Three o’clock Habit. Silence and active participation during masses are highly expected among all students.

o   Students should stand at attention and participate properly during morning ceremonies and assemblies.

o   Students must maintain cleanliness and orderliness inside and outside of the classroom and along the corridors at all times.

o   Class disturbances such as dragging of feet, howling, shouting, laughing, boisterously yelling, stamping, whistling, running, horse playing, and other unnecessary noise should be avoided.

o   Arrow signages and floor traffic in the pathways should be observed in passing along the corridors and stairways.

o   Students are not allowed to go out after each subject. However, permission to leave may be asked first from the next-period teacher. Going out with a class pass after seeking permission is done ONE AT A TIME.  A Hall Way Pass will be secured by the adviser/subject teacher.

o   Students who leave the classroom during class hours without permission from the subject teacher are considered to be cutting classes.

o   Each class should leave a written note on their board to indicate the details of their instructional activities done outside the classroom such as laboratory and practices e.g. Subject, Time, and Place.

o   Lights and electric fans are to be turned off and doors are kept closed whenever the class leaves the classroom.

o   Clubs that will use the classrooms for their activity are responsible for keeping and maintaining them.

o   Students are not allowed to stay in the classroom not assigned to them at any time of the day. Students should observe proper zoning intended for their grade level assigned.

o   Parents should wait for their children in their respective waiting areas.

o   Selling in the classroom is not allowed.

o   If the teachers fail to arrive within 10 minutes, the class president or any of the class officers should inform the teacher or the K to 10/SHS Coordinator, or the School Principal.

o   Class period should be used for activities related to the lesson.

o   Students should take the seat assigned to him or them. No Change of seat is allowed without permission from the teacher.

o   Pupils/ Students are not allowed to receive visitors during class hours.

2. In the Campus

o   School property should be used with care. Any damage resulting from negligence and carelessness is subject to replacement by the student concerned.

o   The school assumes no responsibility for lost items.

o   The Faculty Room is exclusive to faculty members. Pupils/Students may see their teacher or may have a conference with them in an assigned area/ room

o   Students are expected to support and take part in “Environmental Management Activities” such as Clean As You Go (CLAYGO), waste segregation inside the classroom and on the campus, etc.

o   Parents and Pupils/ Students should greet the teachers and personnel and vice versa.

o   Social Calls must be done at home. The bringing of CELLPHONES IN THE CAMPUS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. In case of those pupils/students living outside the city proper or with valid reason may bring their cellphones provided that they will deposit them to the Class Adviser/POD’s Office.

o   Confiscated cell phones/ gadgets should be submitted to the Prefect of Discipline’s Office and should be claimed by the parents of the students based on the following guidelines:


First Offense      -Cellphone will be returned after three (3) school days

Second Offense          -Cellphone will be returned after one (1) week

Third Offense    -Cellphone will be returned after one (1) month

Fourth Offense -Cellphone will be returned after one (1) semester



No returning of confiscated cell phones during weekends and holidays.

o   Bringing electronic gadgets like digital/video cameras, iPod/iPod, Android tablets, mp3/mp4/mp5 players, PSP, Gameboy, USB speakers, laptops or netbooks, portable DVDs, and the like is strictly prohibited.

o   In cases when students need to bring laptops, netbooks, and video/digital cameras for a certain task related to the subject will secure a GADGET PASS to be signed by the student/s and subject teacher concerned and duly approved by the Prefect of Discipline.

o   Bringing of equipment not used for academic and extra-curricular activities like Frisbee Disc, Air Gun, Fidget Spinner, Playing Cards, Rubrics Cube, etc. is prohibited and is subject to confiscation.

                               First Offense      – Three (3) school days after the confiscation

                               Second Offense – End of the semester

2.    In the Chapel

·         Disrespectful behaviors/actions are prohibited

·         Students should not desecrate the tabernacle and any religious images or icons.

·         Spending time to relax or chat with friends is prohibited.

·         Pupils/Students are encouraged to visit every day to pray.


4. Canteen House Rules

o   Observe proper line formation when buying meals at the food counter. No inserting within the line; everyone must wait for her/his turn.

o   CLEAN AS YOU GO” (CLAYGO) policy: Students/ Parents/Guardians are to clean up the table that they used before leaving, return the used dishes to their proper places, and throw wrappers in the trash can. Proper waste and eating utensils segregation must be observed.

o   Vandalism and other acts that damage the utensils, fixtures, and anything in the canteen and its premises are subject to sanction.

o   Be courteous all the times

o   Sit and behave well at all times;

o   Avoid playing, shouting, howling, and laughing boisterously;

o   Everybody can use the canteen tables. Pupils/Students/Parents should share the table with others

o   Leave the canteen tables clean after eating so that others can use them. It should not be used as a place for studying and conversations with friends, especially during lunch and recess time

o   Bags should not be placed on the canteen tables because they will also be used during  class hours

5. In the Comfort Rooms

o   Use the comfort rooms assigned to them.

o   Refrain from writing on walls and doors.

o   Dispose of solid waste properly to avoid clogging.

o   Turn off the light and close the faucet after use.

6. During Activities

o   Each student is required to attend all school activities and functions in and off campus.

o   Activities held outside class hours should not interfere with the academic classes without the written approval of the Student Activity Coordinator, K to 10/SHS Coordinator, and the School Principal. Students are asked to fill out and submit an activity permit to the Student Activity Coordinator for approval before the scheduled activity.

o   Results, awards, and prizes received by the student or group of students representing the school should be presented to the School Principal as soon as they return to school.

7. For Student Leaders/ Officers

o   A student may express her/his desire to run as a student council, class or club officer. Once elected or appointed, s/he should be aware of her/ his duties as an officer and the greater responsibility to serve as a CKCian model to other students. Like other persons in authority, s/he is expected to follow and help in implementing the existing school rules and regulations.

o   In any instance that a student officer commits any offense that may tarnish her/his credibility as a leader, the following measures will be applied:

  1. First Offense                : Oral Warning and Parent Conference
  2. Second Offense          : Removal from Office


             There are places in school that are declared to be off-limits where students are not allowed to enter such as the Faculty Room, Registrar’s Office, Cashier, School Laboratories (Science, TLE, HRM, Speech if not book), Dispensing Area, Grades Encoding Room.

Transactions are done only on designated windows. Junior/Senior High School students are not allowed to loiter in the Grade School area and vice versa.


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