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Office Description:

The Dean of Student Affairs is directly responsible for the coordination and over-all development of the non-academic areas of college student life. The Dean collaborates and works closely with the Dean of College and School President.
The Office of Dean of Student Affairs coordinates systematically with the Registrar’s Office, Community Involvement Program Coordinator, Guidance Office, Clinic In-Charge, Food Services In-Charge and Campus Minister’s Office.

List of Services offered:


  • Plans and implements a general program of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for the school for the whole year, considering the religious traditions, cultural needs, social, and athletic activities of the student body.
  • Consults with faculty moderators of student activities about the definition, clarification, and development of policy for these activities.
  • Coordinate the activities of the different departments to ensure cohesive and effective management of the schedule of the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • Coordinates the activities of the different departments on any religious, social, cultural, and athletic activity, which involves the whole school.


  • Serves as liaison officer between the Dean of College and Program Coordinators on all matters that concern the recreational and social needs of the college students.
  • Works cooperatively with the Guidance Counselor to prevent and solve problems connected with the adjustment of students. At times, it would be helpful to refer to behavior and attendance problems to the Guidance Counselor or to send the students directly to the counselor.
  • Serves as an ex-officio member of such a faculty committee, which is concerned with non-academic interest.
  • Exercises general supervision over all non-academic activities of students.
  • Acquaints students with rules and regulations concerning non-academic affairs and implement these rules and regulations, particularly regarding student activities on or off-campus.
  • Suggests and passes on the qualifications of prospective speakers invited to address the students.


  • Checks and investigates the absences and tardiness of students, follow up their irregularities, and takes measures to counteract them.
  • Issues admission slips to absent/tardy students.
  • Takes measures and pursues a plan of action to make discipline preventive rather than corrective, and discipline that comes from within rather than imposed from without.
  • Keep records regarding student discipline.
  • Enforces rules and regulations of the school. In doing so, he/she strives for a cooperative and wholesome attitude toward school regulations on the part of the students. Enforcement of discipline and imposing punishment should be taken as prompted by the respect of authority and maintenance of order for the best welfare of the individual and the group.
  • Issues certificate of good moral character after the applicants shall have complied with the required approval from the respective offices.
  • Investigates, evaluates, and takes the necessary action on disciplinary cases involving severe infractions of school policies and regulations and those referred to him/her by any school personnel or staff member.


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