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About the Program

The IT program includes the study of the utilization of both hardware and software technologies involving planning, installing, customizing, operating, managing and administering, and maintaining information technology infrastructure that provides computing solutions to address the needs of an organization. 


Program Goal

Information Technology Program aims to become skilled in Information Technology with their knowledge on the development, implementation, and management of information systems in a wide variety of contexts.


Program Objectives

  • Demonstrate competence in the implementation of hardware and software services and solutions responsive to the needs of the community, imbued with Ignacian Marian values;
  • Apply responsibly and effectively the concepts of software development and network management; and
  • Exercise intrapersonal, interpersonal, critical-thinking, problem-solving, communication, planning and organizing skills.


Program Outcomes

  1. Apply God-given knowledge in computing, science, mathematics and recognize the best practices in IT standards and its application.
  2.  Analyze complex problems, define and identify the computing requirements with strong faith in God in the selection, creation, evaluation and administration of computer-based system
  3. Identify and analyze user needs with Ignacian Marian values of excellence and take them into account in the selection, creation, evaluation, and administration of computer-based systems.
  4. Design, implement and evaluate computer-based systems, process, components or programs   with Ignacian Marian values of courage and perseverance to meet the desired needs and requirements under various constraints and integrate IT-based solutions into the user environment effectively;
  5. Apply knowledge through the use of current techniques, skills, tools and practices necessary for the IT profession guided by the values of justice, peace and integrity of creation.
  6. Function effectively as IT leader in the Integration of system development, management and monitoring of network and administer database, guided by the Ignacian core values of faith, excellence and service in the execution of tasks to accomplish a common goal.
  7. Create, plan effective IT project and operate computer systems, as well as software integration of IT-based solution, testing, and documentation for excellent performance and greater productivity
  8. Communicate effectively with the computing community at large about complex computing activities adhering to professional, ethical, legal, security, and social standards in the utilization of IT.
  9. Analyze critically the local and global impacts of computing information technology on individuals and organizations belonging to different socio-cultural settings with integrity, accountability and civic consciousness.
  10.  Actively involved in local and global issues of Information Technology with preferential consideration for the poor and preservation of all God’s Creation.
  11. Work collaboratively in different fields of Information technology and adapt to technological, organizational and societal changes  guided by the Gospel teaching of the church.
  12. Engage in an independent and life-long learning to improve performance as the foundation for ongoing professional development with the commitment towards professional excellence and nation building.
  13. Preserve and promote Filipino historical and cultural heritage by safeguarding the data, network and system in response to God’s call of becoming responsible IT stewards.


Career Opportunities

  • Web and Applications Developer
  • Junior Database Administrator
  • Systems Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Junior Information Security Administrator
  • Systems Integration Personnel
  • IT Audit Assistant
  • QA Specialist
  • System Analyst
  • Computer Programmer
  • IT Instructor
  • Software Engineer
  • IT Consultant
  • IT Technician


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