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HRM Program


The graduates of the Hospitality Management Program demonstrate their skills and competencies needed in the different contexts of the industry guided by the Ignacian core values.

They are expected to:
    1. Gain adequate skills in communication, problem solving, decision- making and interpersonal relationship, attitudes and work habits that are in consonance with Ignacian Marian values of faith, service, and excellence;
    2. Know by heart the rudiments and dynamics of Hotel & Restaurant processes and operations in the  context of international standards;
    3. Achieve proficiency in food and beverage production and service, quality housekeeping and front office operations, marketing and cost control as well as management of services in the hospitality industry.
    4. Develop entrepreneurial skills to become economically sufficient and productive.
    5. Cultivate and nurture their passion for service
    1.  Preserve and promote (CP 6.1.5) Filipino culture through the integration and implementation of Filipino hospitality imbued with Ignacian-Marian values. (ILO Key Area 3-D )
    2. Develop critical thinking and proficiency to creatively solve internal and external problems (CBMD 6.2.3) by truly observing ethical, moral and legal principles. (ILO Key Area 2-B)
    3. Exercise and apply Ignacian Marian leadership and management skills in Tourism and Hospitality operations (SP 6.5.2) with a high degree of personal responsibility and accountability. (ILO Key Area 4-A)
    4. Interpret and apply relevant laws related to tourism industry (CTHD 6.3.2) with a high sense of moral integrity. (ILO Key Are 3-A)
    5. Observe and implement the standard operating procedures in risk management to provide safe and secure workplace (SP 6.5.5) with a deep sense of responsibility and humble servanthood. (ILO Key Area 3-B)
    6. Perform and provide full guests cycle services in the hospitality and tourism industry (SP 6.5.3) with utmost sincerity and honesty, reflective of the core values of the institution. (ILO Key Area 3-A)
    7.  Communicate effectively with guests and co-workers across cultures (CP 6.1.3) in a Christ-like behavior of patience, competence and moral conscience. (ILO Key Area 3-B)
    8. Produce food products and services (SP 6.5.1) faithfully complying with the enterprise standards taking into considerations the health and wellness of individual families and communities. (ILO Key Area 3-A)
    9. Perform human capital development functions (CTHD 6.3.8) of a tourism-oriented organization by cultivating and nurturing the value of fairness and equality. (ILO Key Area 2-A)
    10. Apply information and communication (ICT) skills as required by the business environment (CBMD 6.2.4) guided by the values of faith, excellence and service. (ILO Key Area 1-C)


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