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Business Administration Program


The graduates of this program are dedicated, committed, competent, and cultured teachers zealously working for transformations of students and society. 



  1. Identify, analyze and practice critical thinking in solving business problems. 

  2. Understand the values of fairness in business dealings as they perform their functions manifesting a strong sense of God’s loving presence. 

  3. Provide holistic development towards becoming successful business leaders following a simple lifestyle despite achievements. 



  1. Perform the basic functions and apply the basic concept that underlie each of the functional areas of business and employ these concepts in various business situations. 

  2. Select the proper decision-making tools to critically, analytically and creatively solve problems and drive results.

  3. Express oneself clearly and communicate effectively with stakeholders and respectful to the convictions and beliefs of others.

  4. Innovate business ideas based on emerging industry and apply information and communication technology (ICT) skills 

  5. Work effectively with other stakeholders and manage conflict in the workplace.

  6. Plan and implement business-related activities and demonstrate corporate citizenship and social responsibility.

  7. Prepare operational plans and analyze the business environment for strategic directions.

  8. Conduct business research and manage strategic business units for economic sustainability.

  9. Exercise high personal moral and ethical standards and participate actively in advocacies that preserve and promote Filipino cultural heritage. 



The Business Administration program of Christ the King College – Gingoog City is PAASCU accredited level II. 

Importance of accreditation: 

  1. Provides the educational institution an opportunity for critical analysis leading to improvement in quality, services, and operations. 

  2. It gives public certification that an institution or program has attained standards above those prescribed by government agencies. 

  3. Accreditation also fosters educational excellence through the development of principles and guidelines for assessing educational effectiveness. 

*PAASCU stands for Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities.



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