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The ruling council of the Basic Education Department of Christ the King College, Gingoog City is the Supreme Student Government (SSG). This shall be known as the Grade School Student Council for Grade School, Junior High School Student Council for Junior High School Students, and  Senior High School Student Council (SHSC) for Senior High School. 


As the ruling council, the welfare and well-being of the pupils/students are the prime concern of the organization. While it provides leadership training for all its officers and members,  also aims to develop & produce persons committed to rendering unconditional service to the school and community where they belong. It also prepares them to become productive & useful citizens of the country. 


Candidates Qualifications 


      The organization officers must have the following qualifications:


  1. Must be a Filipino citizen;

  2. Must be a bonafide student of Christ the King College, Gingoog City;

  3. Must be fully aware of the existing school policy;

  4. Must have good academic grades with an average grade of at least 85% and no grade below 80% in all subjects in the previous report card;

  5. Must not been subjected to any disciplinary cases during his/her stay in school;

  6. Must have an Ignacian character trait of at least 85 % and above in the homeroom and its corresponding values of the observed indicator in the previous report card;

  7. Must have a good record of attendance in school;

  8. Must have been enrolled at school for at least 2 years for major positions.


                                                ORGANIZATION POSITIONS


Grade School

Junior High School

Senior High School


For Grade 6 only

For Grade 10 only

For Grade 12 only

Vice President

For Grades 5-6 only

For Grade 9 only

For Grades 11-12


For Grades 4-6 only

For Grades 8-10

For Grades 11-12


For Grades 4-6 only

For Grades 8-10

For Grades 11-12


For Grades 4-6 only

For Grades 8-10

For Grades 11-12


For Grades 4-6 only

For Grades 8-10

For Grades 11-12


Will elect 6 pupils 

Will elect 8 students

From Grades 7-10

Will elect students from Grades 11-12

Grade Level Representatives only for GS

To be voted by each class from Grades 1-6


Not applicable


Not Applicable 




  1. Letter of intent to be submitted to the SSG Moderators, Student Activity Coordinator, and School Principal;

  2. Parental Consent

  3. Xerox copy of the previous report card




  1. Submit a letter of intent duly signed and endorsed by the required offices and moderators.

  2. The submitted letters of intent shall be verified and screened by the committee composed of the following:

  • Class Adviser

  • Guidance office

  • Academic Coordinator ( GS & JHS)

  • Senior High School Coordinator (SHS)

  • Prefect of Discipline 

  • Student Activity Coordinator

  • Campus Minister/ Christian Formation Coordinator

  • Organization Moderator

  • School Principal

  1. The committee will set a schedule for the qualified applicants for an interview. 

  2. The committee will notify applicants status. 

Once approved, applicants are expected to form a party or group in preparation for the candidacy campaign. The group must inform the moderator of their intentions and submit their group name along with the names of members assigned to each position.

  1. The moderator will conduct an orientation to outline campaign guidelines, including the Do’s and Don’ts during the campaign period. Additionally, the moderator will communicate the schedule leading up to the Miting de Avance and election day.

  2. The results of the election day shall be final. 


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