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The air at Christ the King College-Gingoog was charged with enthusiasm and competitive spirit as the esteemed Accountancy students celebrated the much-awaited JPIAN Week. The event was a vibrant confluence of intellect, sportsmanship, and creativity, showcasing the remarkable talents and skills of the bright young Accountant minds last October 24 – 28, 2023.

The week-long festivities witnessed the spirited participation of five dynamic teams – Erudite, Abnegation, Candor, Amity, and Dauntless – each radiating their unique energy, adding a distinct charm to the entire event.

The kickoff of Day 1 set the stage for an exhilarating journey ahead, as an enthralling opening program roused the anticipation and excitement among the participants. The Junior Cup, a thrilling quiz bee encompassing diverse accounting subjects, along with the intriguing WhizKids Quizbee, fostered an environment of spirited competition.

Day 2 dawned with team spirit, as the participants engaged in a ‘kamustahan’ session, further solidifying the bond among the teams. The day unfolded with a plethora of activities including a Mobile Legends tournament, chess, essay writing, and poster making, all of which showcased the multifaceted talents of the JPIA students. The sports enthusiasts reveled in the exhilarating basketball and mixed volleyball matches, and the mixed badminton doubles added an extra dimension of excitement and friendly rivalry.

The thrill continued into Day 3, where the camaraderie soared to new heights during the ‘kamustahan’ session, fostering a sense of warmth and unity among the participants. The day culminated in the intense finals of the basketball tournament, amplifying the excitement and competitive spirit among the accounting students.

The “larong lahi” segment further showcased the diverse talents and skills of the participants, creating an environment of celebration as well.

As Day 4 unfolded, a palpable sense of anticipation filled the air as the audience eagerly awaited the highly anticipated Ambassador of Goodwill (AOG) Pageant. Dressed in their AOG Program shirts, the contestants radiated confidence and grace, leaving a lasting impression as they showcased various attires, including corporate and faction wear. The thought-provoking question-and-answer segment added depth to the event, highlighting the contestants’ eloquence and expertise. The day continued with the captivating MTV Spoof and the dynamic “Your Face Sounds Familiar” competition, unveiling the students’ creative prowess and versatility. The festivities culminated in a delightful dinner, fostering cherished connections.

The JPIAN Week Celebration at Christ the King College transcended the realms of a mere event, embodying the very essence of unity, camaraderie, and excellence that defines the accountancy students. Throughout the week-long extravaganza, the participants not only showcased their intellectual prowess but also fostered a profound sense of community and enduring friendship that would surpass the event’s duration.

Heartfelt congratulations are in order for the tireless efforts of the JPIAN officers and committees, whose dedication and meticulous planning brought this remarkable celebration to fruition. Equally deserving of accolades are the spirited participants whose passion and commitment contributed to the resounding success of the event. As the currents of success guided the JPIA community through this unforgettable week, the echoes of laughter and camaraderie reverberated across the campus, etching an unforgettable memory in the hearts and minds of all those who partook in this unforgettable experience.

By Ashley Araullo