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DUMP II Pop Star Wannabe – Embracing Dreams and Unleashing Joy


In a delightful twist, selected college students embraced their dreams and aspirations with the infectious charm of “Pop Star Wannabe” performances. Here, hidden talents and larger-than-life personalities took the center stage, as Higher Education Students seamlessly shift from everyday students to mesmerizing pop stars. Joann Mandahinog, Teacher Education’s representative, out-sung her fellow pop-star hopefuls, winning the crowd and the judges’ favor with her rendition of the Grammy-award winning song “Shallow” by Lady Gaga.

The Symphony of Talents Soiree was a shining example of how Christ the King College’s Higher Education Department Day embraced and celebrated the vast creative potential of its students. By showcasing a wide range of performances and encouraging multi-disciplinary explorations, the event did not only entertain but also inspired audiences to tap into their own creative abilities. Through collaboration, mentorship, and engaging themes, the Symphony of Talents Soiree served as a testament to the power of artistic expressions and its vital role in the pursuit of holistic growth.

Words by Fiona Pelaez