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About CKC


We, the Ignacian Marian Community, living the Spirituality of humble servanthood, provide quality Christian education towards transforming persons into humble and responsible leaders of the church and society.


We commit ourselves to:

  1. live the values of faith, excellence and service;
  2. promote the culture of unity, respect and responsibility;
  3. develop more appropriate researches, programs, strategies, and practices to form globally competent professionals; and
  4. strengthen involvement in providing services to the poor and advocacy on relevant social issues.



The over-all goal of Christ the King College is to contribute to the development of the students into dynamic and responsive Filipino Christian citizens, committed to serve their families, communities, the nation and the world as a whole.

It seeks to accomplish this goal by:

  1. striving to create a school community characterized by love, truth, justice, freedom, peace and professionalism that will promote sound relationship among the administration, staff and students;
  2. providing a learning atmosphere that will help students to learn and make appropriate applications in their daily lives;
  3. maximizing the Research and Planning service for scientific research and development of the school;
  4. evaluating and enriching the departmental curricula in terms of the school’s output in students’ productivity and service efficiency and effectiveness;
  5. refining the Christian Living programs to effectively integrate the academic, teaching of the Catholic Doctrines with other subject areas, the traditional religious practices and community exposure activities;
  6. tapping community resources and funding agencies that can support priority school programs;
  7. facilitating all efforts towards the school’s accreditation; and
  8. endeavoring to increase the students’ level of awareness on various government thrusts for intelligent involvement in democratic process especially the promotion of human rights and dignity, social justice and equality, social responsibility and economic welfare.