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The Teacher Education Program Participated in PAFTE-ASTER X at Capitol University

The PAFTE-ASTER X is the most-awaited event in the teaching field, and Christ the King College’s Teacher Education Program’s seniors and selected juniors alongside faculty members actively participated  the Annual Regional Congress and Student Congress on April 26, held at Capitol University.

The theme for the event was, “Embracing Emerging Technology in Content Knowledge, Pedagogy and Assessment, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Apps.” The speakers emphasized that while Artificial Intelligence will not replace teachers, it will take over some functions, allowing them to focus on their major roles in teaching, instructing, administering, and managing the classroom and students.

The student congress was not just pure lecturing; it was also a showcase of the pre-service educators’ capabilities. CKC TEP Seniors Mayeth Yamson and Claireven Kiunisala represented the school in the ASTER Quiz Bowl, Nesciel Agustinez participated in the On-the-spot Lesson Planning, and Divine Jane Arazo represented the Gingoog Cluster for Demo-teaching contest. While the delegates failed to bring home wins, the Teacher Education Program commended their  participation and performance considering the little amount of preparation they had due to their final demonstration preparation at GCCNHS.

Additionally, the event aimed to engage diverse pre-service teachers, encouraging them to uphold the skills of 21st-century teaching. The focus was on delivering quality education, where Artificial Intelligence is seen as a companion rather than a threat in the teaching field.