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On January 22, 2024, Teacher Education Week observed its pinnacle with the 2nd Pinning and Send-Off Rites of the pre-service teachers called as Batch PARAGONS (Pedagogical Aces Radiating Academic Gentility Onwards Noble Service) 2024 with the theme, “Be paragons of hope to create pathways of knowledge that lead to transformative Ignacian Marian education” at Christ the King College’s Mo. Ignacia Gymnasium.

The event commenced with the marching of the honor guards from the Criminology Department and the ceremonial procession of candidates together with their parents.

After the procession of candidates, a Holy Eucharistic Celebration led by Reverend Father Nicolas S. Basadre, SSJV followed. In the homily, Reverend Father Basadre said, “You are not an ordinary teacher (as) you are trusted by the Christ the King College Community and you will be there not to tell all people what is good but to tell the world that Jesus is alive,” allowing the candidates to ponder their purpose and mission in choosing the teaching profession.

At the event, Mr. Paul Rem Jee Diaz, LPT, unfolded the Pinning and Send-Off Rites with the declaration of the Pinning Ceremony, marking a significant moment for the pre-service teachers. Following that, Dr. Carmelita C. Labadan presented the candidates. 3 candidates from the Bachelor of Elementary Education, 14 candidates from the Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English, and 8 candidates from the Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Filipino. S. Ma. Anecita C. Navaja, RVM, school president, then confirmed the candidates in succession, accompanied by the pinning of the aspiring educators together with their parents.

Furthermore, the batch’s distinguished speaker, Dr. Jayson S. Digamon, Senior Education Program Specialist from the Department of Education Division of Gingoog City, delivered an inspiring speech focusing on poverty in education, the role of pre-service teachers in being resilient despite odds, and striving for continuous learning. He foregrounded how investing in education opens doors to diverse opportunities and how it lays the foundation for personal growth, career advancement, and the ability to contribute meaningfully to the community and the world at large.

Moreover, Mrs. Catherina Arazo led the parent’s prayer which was then followed by Divine Jane B. Arazo who shared the expressions of gratitude on behalf of the pre-service teachers. The batch PARAGONS then offered roses to their loved ones present on the event. 

Finally, the anticipated and poignant tribute song dedicated to the parents entitled “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson was delivered by the official teaching interns.

The event was not only an academic affair but also a moment of familial connection, as parents and guardians were invited to receive the pins on behalf of their accomplished children. The ceremony concluded with post-ceremony snacks, fostering a sense of camaraderie and celebration.

Written by Kanna Marie Macabenta

Photos from Arisa Martirez and Christine Delos Reyes