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NEWS INSIDE || CKC Personnel's Day: Singing the Unsung Heroes

In an effort to make the school personnel feel appreciated, Christ the King College transformed the MIDES Gymnasium into what seems to be a metaphorical orchestra on January 31, 2024 for the annual celebration of Personnel’s Day, where harmony between the departments was manifested in order to sing appreciation and gratitude for the teaching and non-teaching forces of the institution. The event kicked off with a touch of glamour as teaching and non-teaching personnel strolled the red carpet, accompanied by students serving as their usherettes. Opening the proceedings, Julia Kho, JHS officer, delivered a prayer that resonated with positivity, followed by Gian Jalog, CKCSSC Auditor, who welcomed everyone with opening remarks exuding warmth and appreciation. The JHS Council’s work then took center stage, delivering a gratitude video message that touched hearts and brought smiles to the personnel’s faces. The gymnasium erupted in a burst of energy only a Dua Lipa song stimulates as Artisan Senior High Students graced the stage with a mass dance presentation, infusing the event with the lively beat of the ‘Barbie’ song “Dance the Night”. The sentiment of appreciation continued to grow as a Grade School Pupil stepped forward with an endearing message, creating a moment that echoed the innocence of gratitude. The artistic flair escalated with a Junior High School student from Grade 10 St. John Paul, Kristine Gales, presenting a heartfelt poem especially made for the personnel, seamlessly transitioning into an intermission number by the Society of Culture and Arts (SCA Club) of HED. The song tribute, which was “Salamat” by Yeng Constantino, compelled the personnel to raise their roses on air and sing along to the go-to Pinoy gratitude song. A SHS student, Ms. Stephanie Brillo, brought a moment of relatability to the event with a spoken poetry performance, paving the way for another song tribute courtesy from the talent of Ayah Lingad, CKCSSC Vice President of the HED. The SCA Club also made a return, this time, for a dance presentation, sustaining the cheerful energy. The culmination approached as the escorts and the Ignacian-Marian students took the opportunity for the distribution of tokens and gifts giving, transforming the gymnasium into a hub of joyful exchanges. Expressing gratitude, Ms. Valerie Cleofe D. Pahalla, Ms. Roselyn B. Rosalinda, Ms. Gisa C. Tapic, G. Paul Rem Jee Diaz, and Mrs. Primitiva G. Berdelao were called and asked by the hosts, Divine Jane Arazo and Michael Limbaco, to convey their heartfelt messages to the students. Before wrapping the event with a prayer, the Higher Education Department asked for a brief silence to celebrate and honor the life and legacy of one of their beloved teaching personnel, Mrs. Maphy Macarambon. The event gracefully concluded with Michael Ignatius Berdelao, SHSC Officer, leading the closing prayer. As the curtain fell on Personnel’s Day, the personnel were asked to pose together for a picture-taking, students as well flocked to their respective advisers for some class pictures, making it a celebration that will linger in the hearts of the Christ the King College community for years to come.

Written by Hiane Panjaitan Madhusni 

Captured by Arisa Martirez and Mariel Enriquez

BED Faculty

College Faculty

Nonteaching and Maintenance  Personnel’s