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The MIDES Gymnasium has been standing on campus for three years, greatly yearning to once again witness students gather within its walls with the sole intent of acquainting themselves with each other. The COVID-19 pandemic essentially forced the world to halt its traditions. Fortunately, the pandemic haze has lifted, and the air is now safe enough to bid farewell to the ‘new normal’ and embrace the return of what used to be, pre-pandemic. One of the most exciting comebacks, especially in a school setting, is the classic Acquaintance Party. And let me tell you, Christ the King College’s Supreme Student Council (CKCSSC) knows how to throw a party in its own unique, conservative style! This year’s PAKIG-AMIGOHAY 2023 with its theme, “PAKIG-AMIGOHAY: Kultura ko, puy-an ko,” granted a night filled with new friendships, retro outfits that will transport everyone back in time, and the timeless melodies of OPM hits. As the doors of the MIDES Gymnasium swung open on September 9th at 12:30 PM for registration, one could expect an atmosphere filled with excitement and anticipation. It was the perfect opportunity to meet fellow students, both new and familiar faces, all within the same academic community. Whether the students were freshmen eager to make their marks or seniors looking to relive the magic of the Acquaintance Party, PAKIG-AMIGOHAY 2023 delivered just that. From group-based games such as ‘Paint Me a Picture’ and ‘Scavenger Hunt’ to the individual-led ‘Human Bingo,’ every activity was designed to create opportunities for students to mingle with one another. Showcasing of CKCian talents were also one of the highlight of the event. Staying true to the acquaintance theme, the performers did make sure that the acts presented promises a living manifestation of the Filipino culture—a musical demonstration of the traditional Filipino courtship, dancing to traditional folk dances, and reciting Filipino poems. Moreover, the fashion adorning the students was impeccable last night. Nothing else would make an event looks like a melting pot for fashion trends than establishing theme like retro outfits. This versatile motif had the students inside the gym channeling their inner vintage superstar and Filipino 90s style icons, whether that meant embracing the Peaky Blinders vibe, rocking a 70s disco look, embodying 80s glam, or paying homage to the playful Y2K look. CKCians had the perfect chance to be creative that made a fashion statement and had everyone talking. And of course, what’s a party without music? Disco may not have made an appearance last night, but it never dampened the fun. With the live band performances prepared by the different programs of the institution, the students screamed-sing their hearts and throats out to the lyrics of the greatest hits of Original Pilipino Music (OPM). All yells of joy, jumps of celebration, phone-flashlights on to add on that dramatic concert feel, and passionate sing-alongs were evidently seen and heard on last night’s event. At 7 PM, the event concluded with closing remarks from CKCSSC’s auditor, Gian Franco, and with the Dean of College, Mrs. Carmelita C. Labadan, PhD, offering her affirmations and party reminders. It was truly a night to be tattooed in the minds of every CKCians who were present last night where friendships were celebrated, strangers were acquainted, retro styles reasserted, and OPM tracks were appreciated. Photos from Mariel Enriquez