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Christ the King College became a place of compassion and community service as CKC Community, led by the CIP Coordinator Mrs. Emraida Cinches, RSW, and nursing students, collaborated with the Philippine Red Cross, Gingoog City Chapter to conduct a bloodletting activity from 8 am until 5:00pm on November 15, 2023 at the Nursing Classrooms, as a part of the institution’s activities during the 76th founding anniversary with the theme, “Quality Transformative Ignacian-Marian Education: Forming of Community of Pilgrims of Hope towards Synodality.”

A remarkable total of 55 units of blood were collected during the event, highlighting the generosity and commitment of the CKC community to contribute to the well-being of others. The bloodletting drive aimed to address the crucial need for a stable and safe blood supply.

A first-time blood donor, Hospitality Management governor, Joeshua Creayla, shared his experience, expressing initial nervousness but acknowledging the pride that comes with knowing the impact of such a simple act. “Donating blood typically feels like a quick pinch or sting as the needle is inserted, but upon knowing the relevance of blood donation in the orientation, it feels like you are proud to donate your blood knowing that you are contributing to saving lives.”

Prior to the bloodletting activity, participants received comprehensive information about the benefits of voluntary blood donation, along with post-donation guidelines such as resting for ten to fifteen minutes, increasing water intake, and avoiding strenuous activities. Donors underwent screening to ensure the safety and well-being of both the donors and recipients.

This initiative showcased the core values of Christ the King College, emphasizing service to the community. The voluntary decision to donate blood, do not only contribute to success of the activity, but also reflects a profound act of valuing life and assisting the community in maintaining a sufficient supply of safe blood. The active involvement of parents and relatives invited by the students further emphasized the collective commitment to this noble cause.

Words by Jazl Obedencio