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HED DAY 2023: A Socio-Cultural Inspired Celebration

CHRIST THE KING COLLEGE — On November 22, 2023, the auspicious occasion of Higher Education Department Day, the Ignacian Marian community radiated with vibrant energy and cultural splendor as students and faculty members joined hands to celebrate the rich diversity and academic prowess of the institution in the MIDES Gymnasium.

With captivating stage presence, Mr. John Louie Guimaras and Ms. Julie G. Bacasnot effortlessly commanded the audience’s attention from the very onset. The day’s festivities were grandly inaugurated with an interpretative invocation courtesy of the students from the Society of Culture and Arts (SCA) Club. Their evocative performance set the tone for a day of unity and celebration.

Carmelita C. Labadan, Ph. D., the esteemed Dean of College, delivered a heartfelt opening remarks that resonated with the spirit of solidarity and academic excellence. Mr. Paul John Panganiban, the Research and Planning Coordinator, offered a broader perspective on the day’s events, outlining the significance of celebrating diversity and knowledge exchange in the academic arena.

The stage then came alive with Mr. Paolo Valencia, a dynamic BSBA instructor, introducing and narrating the international costume parade and lively one-minute production numbers. Each cluster representing different countries have showcased their vibrant culture and traditions.

Dressed in Greek fashion, the clustered program of Accountancy, Information Technology, and Business Administration entertained the crowd with their Greek-inspired performance. The Dutch for a day cluster of Teacher Education and Criminal Justice Program also took the MIDES floor to present their Netherlands traditional dance.

Moreover, the Nursing department made a grand entrance in the venue, savoring the glory of walking in the red carpet, their wardrobe seemingly colonized by the Spaniards on that very day before performing their Spanish dance. Lastly, the Social Work and Hospitality Management tandem brought the Parisian fashion trend and culture inside the gym as they strut on the carpet and delivered their one-minute performance.

The audience was enthralled as students donned authentic costumes and exuberantly presented glimpses of these diverse cultures, infusing the event with an atmosphere of global unity and diversity. The day was not just about showcasing culture but also about fostering a sense of camaraderie and fun.

Speaking of fun, the games “Old McDonald Find Your Barn” and “Three Ways of a Toddler” brought forth spirited participation from different departments, drawing laughter and bonding moments among the participants.

As the curtains drew to a close on this magnificent day, Christ the King College reverberated with the echoes of cultural celebration and academic brilliance. The event had succeeded in not just commemorating diversity but also in uniting hearts and minds in a shared vision of global understanding and academic excellence.

Words by Hiane Madhusni

Photos from Arisa Martirez, Mariel Enriquez