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A thunder-like noise reverberated the Ignacian-Marian institution of Christ the King College on September 07, 2023 at around 2pm. The very noise acted as a mock earthquake and had signaled the start of the earthquake drill. Upon hearing the noise, students who were present inside the school demonstrated the standard earthquake safety precautions, including ‘duck, cover, and hold’. As soon as the mock earthquake ended, students rushed out of their respective areas and proceeded to the open field at the King’s Quadrangle. Mr. Pericles G. Aninion, the Institutional Quality Assurance Coordinator, together with the faculty of both the Basic and Higher Education facilitated the said drill. According to Mr. Aninion, who not only facilitated the drill but had observed the student’s execution, the first attempt appeared to be of feeble efforts and was not executed properly, necessitating a repeat of the drill from the beginning. As the alarm continued to echo within the school buildings, students, equipped with fresh instructions on their second attempt of earthquake drill, properly executed the earthquake safety precautions. Selected Grade 10 students were commended by Mr. Aninion for following the correct procedure when entering the quadrangle; the first person to enter should be the last to take their position in line. The Criminal Justice students also acted as rescuers and evacuated any injured students that were assigned to play the part and then were nursed by the school’s Nursing students.At the end, the collective efforts of the Basic and Higher Education students earned positive affirmations from the facilitators and, therefore, successfully concluded the drill.