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76th Founding Anniversary Culmination Day: A Street Parade and Pahinungod Festival

Christ the King College once again celebrates another year of its founding anniversary with the theme, “Quality Transformative Ignacian Marian Education: Forming of Community of Pilgrims of Hope Towards Synodality.” The 76th Foundation Day is celebrated for a whole week, with all the students and personnel participating. Over the years, the school has made tremendous efforts not only in its daily pursuit for excellence, but also in its founding anniversary celebration.

This year’s celebration was something that everyone could not wait to see. On November 23, 2023, the culminating day of the celebration, where students displayed their talents in the Pahinungod Festival. This event commenced with a novena prayer at 7 a.m. and was followed by a parade within the city of Gingoog. The students assembled at the school’s quadrangle where the Elementary, Junior High, Senior High School and the Higher Education students wearing their costumes, lively participated.

The Saint Mary Academy’s band also graced the celebration by joining the parade, showcasing their talents in dancing and playing on drums and lyre. The road in Gingoog City was filled with colors, starting with the Disney-themed costumes of the Elementary students, followed by the Junior High School students with their Philippine tribe costumes, and the Senior High School students with their United Nations-themed costumes.

Finally, the Higher Education Department starting with the Nursing Program representing the country of Spain, the Social Work and Hospitality Management cluster representing the country of France, the Accounting, Business Management, and Information Technology cluster representing the country of Greece, and lastly, the Teacher Education program together with the Criminology students representing the country of the Netherlands. From the exit gate of Christ the King College, Tuto Street, Cabilto Extension Street, National Highway, and back to the entrance gate of the school, the students danced gracefully along with their chosen music and proudly waving their chosen country’s flag, not minding the scorching heat of the sun, and with their endless hurrahs and ‘vivas’, shouting their undying love “Viva Cristo Rey! Viva!” Needless to say, the road in Gingoog City looked like a sea of colors coming from the students’ costumes and props dancing delicately, showcasing their talents and their chosen country’s culture. As much as the Gingoognons wanted to see more, the parade ended at 9 a.m. and back to the school’s quadrangle, where the Pahinungod Festive begins!

Part II of the Culminating Day: Pahinungod Festival 2023

The highlight of the second part of the Culminating Day was Pahinungod festival 2023, which concluded with a festival of talents and culture as the College Department showcased their European-themed performances. The BS Nursing ambassadors of Spain graced the audience and judges first. The rhythmic heartbeat of drums reverberated, filling the air with soul-stirring resonance. The crowd then embraced the enchanting presence of the French Dreamers, a vibrant fusion of BS Social Work and BS Hospitality Management. Their performance, inspired by the elegance of France, captivated every gaze.

The third group to perform included the departments of BS Accountancy, Business Administration, and BS Information Technology. With their hands joined, feet tapping, and the laughter of the dancers mingling with the soul-stirring melodies, they embodied the essence of Greece. Finally, the last group to perform was from the land of windmills and tulip fields, with their exquisite fusion of grace and innovation. Represented by the Teacher Education Program and BS Criminology from the Netherlands, they showcased a unique performance.

In the end, the clustered group of TEP and BS Criminology garnered third place, while BS Accountancy, BS Business Administration, and BS Information Technology landed second. The French Dreamers, from BS Social Work and BS Hospitality Management, also awarded as the Most Disciplined Cluster, took the 1st runner-up position, and BS Nursing was hailed as the Champion for the Pahinungod Festival.

Words by Alexa Marie Cagas and Maria Pasia