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Guidance Office

The Guidance Program of Christ the King College is committed to the holistic development of the human person. Its clients are the Basic Education and College students. It aims to target competencies in three areas: personal, social and technical/career. It serves equally all students, parents, teachers and other recipients regardless of gender, race, cultural background, socioeconomic status, learning ability level, language and level of school involvement or other special characteristics.

It guarantees that students have access to school counselors and school counselors have access to all students. It helps develop and protects students’ individuality and provides then with skills to function effectively with others in school, home and community. It is developmental and preventative as well as remedial in design and implementation. The program is continuously refined and enhanced through systematic planning, designing, implementing and evaluating. The main focus of guidance is the STUDENT himself.


Guidance Services:


  • integrates the vision-mission in its services to the students, faculty, administrators and parents


  • adequately provided for the development of students’ psychological needs which include academic, personal and social
  • help students resolve emotional and behavioral problems and help them develop a clearer focus and sense of direction.
  • aid the students to adjust or grow in their social and interpersonal relationships.


  • evaluate the students’ intelligence, ability and academic achievements for them to become aware of their potentials and capabilities

Vocational and Career Guidance

  • helps students ensure their choice of career and vocation in life.
  • helps students developed awareness and appreciation of the available jobs/choices in the labor market.

Individual Inventory System

  • provides the school, administration, counselor and teachers’ information and sufficient insight regarding students’ profile.
  • serve as an assessment to the students in the area of self-knowledge and self-realization.


  • provides valuable information about the strengths and weaknesses of instruction used by the school
  • help the school prepare students in their choice of path.