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DUMP || Reviving Classic Bible Stories

The Symphony of Talents Soiree brought spectators to ancient times, breathing new life into timeless Bible stories, from the Wisdom of King Solomon to the story of the Adulterous Woman. Students harnessed their talents to craft powerful performances that inspired and captivated their audience. Through awe-inspiring music, graceful choreography, and stunning visuals, these age-old narratives are reimagined with modern flair, created an atmosphere of wonder and cultural appreciation.

At the end, the clustered programs of the Social Work and Hospitality Management Program won the judges’ hearts in the Wisdom of King Solomon category, out-besting the Nursing program. The other category, The Adulterous Woman, was portrayed on stage by the collective efforts of the Business Administration, Information Technology, and Accountancy against the partnership of the Criminal Justice and Teacher Education program. After the theatrical presentation, the latter clustered programs bagged the champion title of the category. Special awards were also given, acknowledging the acting finesse of Erwin John Pelenio from the Accountancy program and Eliegen Gales from the Social Work program who have received the certificate for Best Actor and Actress, respectively.

Words by Fiona Pelaez